Disclaimer: sponsorship

Disclaimer: sponsorship

So since I will be posting a few reviews in the future I should probably as soon as possible write a disclaimer both for new readers and old! Just so I do not get into any problems at a later date. All the products I write about on this page are non sponsored! I am simply lucky πŸ€ enough to help promote different brands/businesses and stores I truly think are worth sharing like HappyNorwegian, Alpilox, Gamletorvetsport, Realturmat to name but a few! If I where to mention some international brands I like it would have to be Blackdiamond and Salomon.

But over to the point my dear reader nothing I ever write about on my page will be mentioned due to money, fake opinion, shallowness or any other form of untruths. I will ALWAYS be upfront, Β and tell you the truth, pros and cons of a product from start to finish. I would hate to have to start defending myself later down the line. Every post will be marked at the top so that you never have to wonder. I have seen so many YouTubers/bloggers in my time that have had to deal with a lot of criticism because they seem to be bought and paid for.


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