Starting the new year with a content calendar refresh.


New start for 2021, and seeing as 2020 has been a bit of a bad year for my blogging. It is time to start it up again, but maybe this time a bit more off the cuff, and not so organised.


That means I will sit down, and write whenever I actually have something to say (like now) instead of trying to force something. Because of the worry that If I do not hit that publish button it will mean I loose readers along the way. The forever pressure to make something spectacular flow on to the page can make any girl tired before starting. As I am sure you all know what I is the same feeling you get in any creative field I guess.


The clue for me at least is to try, and stay as a true to myself as possible. Right about topics that I am truly passionate about, and not compromise.The problem before seemed to be that every post had to be PERFECT, and so instead of just trying something I tended to overthink, and end up not publishing at all. You tend to get so wrapped up in your own writing bubble that you can get a bit lost.


My advice to myself on so many occasions have been not to overthink things. But write as I see fit.



2021 is a “new year” for this blog, and as for all New Years we have a chance to make new decisions, and hopefully better choices.I am still thinking about the new direction, but it is slowly but but surely coming together. It will consist of the same topics you like and come to read. But maybe some posts will be written with a new approach, and angle. The book club will be added to in the new year, and maybe some plant posts will come your way. Some tips on how to better care your different plants. These are only some of my ideas, and more will come.

Have a great day

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