Coffee/tea guide to Gjøvik/Raufoss:

Coffee/tea guide to GJØVIK/RAUFOSS


I have on, and off for many years written a coffee/tea guide with tips to where you can drink the best coffee in either Oslo or Gjøvik. There has not been a new post in this series for a VERY long time, and since this blog is somewhat “relaunched” I thought what better time to bring it back.

The coffee/tea guide will feature restaurants, and coffee shops where you can get some of the best home-brew you can think off.

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The guide will consist of thoughts I might have on; 

Does the drink come at a good prize, was the service ok, was the coffee to hot or to cold, did it taste fresh or was it stale from sitting around to long, would I go back, and was the drink worth sitting down for at all. All the opinions featured are my own, and never paid for in one way or another. You might also get a little story or general thought from the day to add some spice.


There here are many places to drink coffee/ tea in Gjøvik/Raufoss, and therefor the competition is steep. So in theory if the costumer is unhappy they can always go somewhere else. They should therefor all be very eager to please. That is what this guide will shine light on. How hard do these places work in order to get the costumer back for a second sip?



I will post the first post in a short time, and from there posts will come more frequently. A new post in my reading challenge /book club is also coming up.


These are my photos, and my opinions.

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