Books that I own, and have purchased will be said in each post.



This post is my first attempt at a book challenge for 2019. More specifically where my prime goal is to read as many books for 2019 as I can, and have time for.


You may have noticed the Goodreads button on the top of my page the last couple of days? Well the reason for that is I wanted to to join a 2019 reading challenge. But since I could not find one to join at this moment in time on Goodreads. I decided it would be a great time for making my own right here on the page. Personally I am really in a reading mood lately, and with this post. I am hoping the good vibes will continue at least for me.



These are two of the books I want to read for 2019, and this time it will happen. All the books I finish will be written about on my page.

Over the Easter break this year I finished a crime novel written by a French author, ans I must say I was hugely impressed. It was both well written, but had also one amazing plot with many twist, and turns you never see coming. When the book is finally finished i was so happy to know there are two more books in the same series.

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