We are all looking for ways to get happier every day, and as a result i was looking for some tips online in order to write this post.

This is what i came across from Huffington Post. They are all supposed to be some feel good tips without having to think too hard.


1. Smile more.
2. Surround yourself with good company.
3. Find someone to love and that loves you.
4. Enjoy nature and the outdoors — there is a lifetime’s worth of wonder there.
5. Make more time for travel and adventures.
6. Find people, places and situations that give you that warm fuzzy feeling inside, and make you laugh.
7. Get out of debt.
8. Find, and follow your passion.
9. Save a little money.
10. Fill your life with things and people you are passionate about.
11. Help others and give back.
12. Be grateful for the way things are.
13. Stop comparing yourself to others.
14. Do something silly.
15. Wake up early and catch the sunrise.
16. Dream big and invest time, energy and effort into trying to make those dreams happen. 
17. Live a life on your own terms.

So what will you do today to make yourself happy ?

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