Bygdin – Bitihorn 

Bygdin – Bitihorn – backcountry skiing

Getting up early on the weekends, and going for a hike or skiing down a hillside/ mountain is something I can recommend  for everyone out there looking to do something a little bit different!

As you can see from the pictures …Yes there is still snow in Norway, and because of that going for backcountry skiing is still possible!

The day was Monday, and we left the house at the crack of dawn ( it felt like the crack of dawn) made some coffee/food and jumped in the car. As we got to our destination we had a gorgeous but hot “walk” up the mountain, and found a little space for a ledge so that we could eat some Realturmat plus drink some coffee! The weather is as you can see from the pictures almost to sunny..I had to stop on more then one occasion to drink water and have a general breather! One recommendation from me to you if you want to start backcountry 🎿 equipment that is not to heavy..the less weight you carry up the mountain the more fun you will have…

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