This Wednesday I am giving you a tip on a book I have had on my bookshelf for a while. But have not read until now, and it is “The Climb” written by Anatoli Boukreev and G.Weston Dewalt.

“The best book I have read this year…The Climb has a story that will grip  and haunt you” – Alex Garland

A professional high – altitude guide`s personal account of the Everest disaster described “Into Thin Air”. In May 1996 three expeditions attempted to climb Mount Everests Southeast Ridge, but as darkness approached on 10 May a ferocious and fatal blizzard caught twenty – three men and women, including leaders Scott Fischer and Rob Hall, rendering them completely disorientated and out of oxygen. Alone and climbing blind, Anatoli Boukreev rescued a numbers of climbers from certain death. This honest, and gripping account includes the transcript of the Mountain Madness debriefing, as well as G.Weston DeWalt`s history and analysis of the Boukreev – Krakauer debate. 

I am revisiting this book tonight, and it may also be something you can like?