The girl behind the blog!

Name: Linn aka “The Girl in Oslo/Over The Weekend”.

Yes that is my real name, and not one you will see very often on the blog seeing as i kinda like being incognito without to many people knowing who i am.
Being anonymous is quite good when you want to apply for certain jobs – just saying.

Age: 30 something*!

Lives @ Raufoss for a year. 
Works: Yes i do, but where is the question right now… 
Loves: Rock music, Sade, books, Australia, traveling, photo, video,going to the gym, and a bit more…

All photos on the blog is taken with: Sony A 33, and HTC.

I have been blogging since April 2009, but back then my blog was called Soulprincessnr1, and then i decided to change it to “Over The Weekend”. The first name did nothing for me, the second one however is the one i have built this blog around. This girl tries to produce as much original content as possible!

I love having a plan for life, and knowing where it takes me.  
Everything in life depends on one thing …YOU…the sky is the limit girls….