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SITE 2018


This post is about a fresh new start for the site in 2018.

The site and its topics is a few years in the making. I started with nothing but an idea of a blog, and how it would be so cool to have my own. Without really knowing all the work that goes into writing, and creating real quality.

It really takes a lot more hard work then what you see at a glance.

You do not only have to come up with your own ideas you also have to write the post as well as take the right photos. The whole process takes a lot of hard work.I have for a long time wanted to change by page into something I can be more proud of. A site that better aline with my thoughts of where it will go/be in a few years.

I have so many new ideas, and content waiting in the wings that just did not work as it was. The page anno 2017/2018 was just to filled with limits, and I was in a blog corner with no way to escape.My motivation was gone as far as new content was concerned.

That is why I made a “drastic” change today, and deleted all posts so that there was no hindering something new.

On the site I will continue to write about a an active lifestyle within skiing (that I love), but there are some topics that will still be on the site like booksfitness. The reason I have kept these two has to do with my personality, and interests .I just like, and have always liked doing them both as hobbies.

I am always on the search for a new great read, and so getting rid of books was never in my plan, and seeing as you my reader seem to like it as well it stayed put.Book reviews have always been well read content on the site.

The first style shift for the page was a long time ago when I changed to Pipdig, and asked them to move my entire site with all its content from Blogger to WordPress. In the process I changed layout completely.This was done after long-time thinking about all the advantages with WordPress, and in the end I simply had no choice. I am so glad I did the jump because the WordPress platform is far easier to navigate then I first thought, and you have automatically more choices as to how content is displayed.

So what´s new?

Content wise:

I really hope you are as interested in seeing where this new project will take us in the future, and how many great Norwegian outdoor locations I will show you in the process.

Outdoor and lifestyle magazine is where you choose to come if you are interested in inspirational, and interesting content. On topics like skiing, the outdoors, and an overall active lifestyle.


The reason for my re branding, and layout change is that I wanted my newest content to be super easy for you to find. That is why from now on my latest article will always be displayed on top. I hope this makes it a lot less complicated for you to stay on top of new posts you want to read, and also find new content you might have missed.


My photos for the site will from now on only be shoot on a Sony A33 camera, but my Instagram will be shoot with an IPhone.This change will be done in the hopes that my photos will be of a higher quality for the site, and not grainy.


I will pit more time into writing longer, and more substantial articles for you. Whether that means a product review ( I am as of now not sponsored by any business), or it means tips and tricks for new skies. However this also means that I will probably not post something every day! I will see how much time the process of creating a new site takes me.

Footer bar:

Here you will from now find easy ways to follow my content in other places.
Hope you like my new site!

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