Book: A Vertical Mind
Author: Don McGrath and Jeff Ellison
Why can some climbers keep it together, and others run out climbing? Why do other people quickly grab the draw on a challenging sport route? Why do some hesitate and bail on big, intimidating climbs? Why are there those that climb obsessively for years to suddenly give it up and walk away? All interesting questing to ask yourself!

Disclaimer: sponsorship

So since I will be posting a few reviews in the future I should probably as soon as possible write a disclaimer both for new readers and old! Just so I do not get into any problems at a later date. All the products I write about on this page are non sponsored! I am simply lucky 🍀 enough to help promote different brands/businesses and stores I truly think are worth sharing like HappyNorwegian, Alpilox, Gamletorvetsport, Realturmat to name but a few! If I where to mention some international brands I like it would have to be Blackdiamond and Salomon.

Plan for the site in the year to come.

So as you may have noticed lately some changes have happened on the page, and more will come throughout the year. I am going to use 2017 in the best possible way. and by that build my site up to a new, and hopefully better level. Some collaborations will happen, as well as introduction to new, and interesting products, ideas, and people. In February I will be going to a meeting with these guys, and a longer piece on their idea will then be posted.