My Christmas Eve contest @Realturmat – CLOSED


So I have been meaning to tell you about the contest I will be running from the 24 of December all through Christmas, and the first month of 2017. It comes courtesy of a company from Tromsø called DRYTECH/@RealTurmat. They have been so kind as to help me out with nine meals from their range of products – breakfast, dinner and dessert. The contest will come in three parts, and all you have to do to win is tell me a story of when you once you went hiking, and what made that one hike so special? Was it the people you where with, the landscape you saw, the food you cooked? The person with the best story wins 1,2,or 3 prize. You can post on any Social Media platform, all you have to do is use the hashtag #OLMwin. Use this, and I will find you…be sure to write your best hiking story. A winner will be announced during the last week of January 2017. Contest will be posted on Christmas Eve at 9 AM.

Christmas Eve is the day:)

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