2018 – New Start, and new beginnings.



I have recently read a lot of posts, and seen many videos around the web where people talk about new starts, and different hopes for the new year. We all want our lives to be better than previous years of course, but I guess the one thing that unites us is we all want a chance to do things differently. To improve whatever flaws we think we might have in the year to come.


For me however I have been wondering lately that life is what you make it, and how good it turns out to be is really up to you, and no one else. You are the master of your own destiny (I have said that last part so many times on this page), and this is what i truly believe. Are you down for a day or a period then it is your job to pick yourself up again..no one else will do it for you.So start by doing small things that make you happy and light up your soul..and if that does not work?

Drag yourself up by the hair if need be…


There are always things we can get better at, and for me it is being nicer to myself. Stop being so bloody hard on everything I do all the time, and with that accepting all my good/bad sides. We are all only human after all..non of us is perfect in any way..

More things I would like to work on this year is my ability to set a goal, and really make a plan for how to get there. And then in the end doing it..and knowing the drive it took me to get there..Maybe I will share some of these goals with you throughout the year.


I would like to read more books both crime novels in English, but also different books on topics I rarely read like Politics and History, skiing, rock climbing to name but a few. There is after all so much to learn, but so little time, and so why not make the most of it.


I want to get better at doing one thing at the time, and really focus on that one thing. Like if I am meditating (will share more on this topic in the near future) in bed for thirty minutes before I sleep then that is ALL i do. That means no phone, I pad or music, movies, computer and so one…you get the idea…

I am such a classic case of trying to multitask so much at times that I end up doing nothing or very little of the things that was planned in the first place. I have been there so much over the years that this year I really want to handle it once, and for all. Because the result of multitasking is usually that nothing is done a hundred percent. So managing my time is something I want to master this year.


Me and my husband have a few hobbies in common, and one we both like to do when winter comes around is to put on skins, and do a bit of backcountry skiing after work with nothing but headlights to show the way. I love how everything is so still, and completely quiet in the evening, and the only thing you hear is the sound of your own breath. There is no better sound :)It makes you feel alive..

As for life in general my aim is so relax/ enjoy it more, and stop stressing about the small things!

Have you made any plans for the new year? and so what are they?

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