🍂 Hiking boots.

🍂 Hiking boots.


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There has been a lot of rain lately, and I am not talking light rain..Nooo I am talking a real downpour of water coming in huge amounts when it first falls. Like last night ..as a result I have been (and many like me I guess ) reaching a lot for warmer clothes and boots to wear. My closet have been raided for some gems, but I have been looking online as well for some added inspiration!

This post will show some of the boots I have found, and think will be a great investment for autumn 🍂. They boots you are about to see largely come from Gamletorvet sport in Gjøvik. I tend to like boots that are not to low, and that i can wear out hiking..

These are some of my favourites:

Icebug Creek 3 Wms


I like them all but specially the once with some colour. And the fact that you can wear them out hiking in all sorts of weather without getting cold or wet feet is a big plus. After all in autumn we can get all sorts of conditions in Norway. Starting with the picture on top, Icebug Creek 3Wms – Prize:1700, the red one is called Keen Wanderer Low WP Wms. Col. Chili Pepper / Gargoyle – Prize: 1800 Norwegian. The black with blue details is called Salewa WS MTN Trainer Mid GTX – Prize: 3000. The one called Andrew – Andrew Nepal Trek Art.3005/1 – Prize: 3490 Norwegian.The brown one in the top right corner, Merrell TURKU TREK WTPF – Prize: 1400, last but not least: Andrew New Antelao Teton Art. 2002/1 – Prize: 3890

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